Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Taking The Intimidation Out Of Wine

Wine and Ouija Board

I was going through my notes and realized I never shared with you my wine and Ouija Board experience. Three years ago when we were cleaning out my moms house I found a Ouija Board that must have been from the 1950’s. I decided not to put it out for the...

Thinking Back to Boating with Esporão

As I sit her and begin to write about these two nice wines from Portugal I think back to the summer when I spent the afternoon boating with Esporão Verdelho and right now it’s snowing and we have a blizzard warning. Boy do I wish I was back on...

Happy Holidays – The Year in Review!

It's been quite a year and I am very fortunate for many things. As I take a look back I am not quite sure how I accomplished everything I did but without the help of family and friends, I couldn't have done anything. I did drink my share of wine, of...

Happy #NationalSangriaDay

Among all the hustle and bustle of December we have to take a moment and celebrate National Sangria Day.  Sangria is a fun and festive beverage that began in Spain.  During the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York, Spain introduced Sangria to the visitors and everyone loved...

Champagne 3 Ways

  We are well into the holiday season and I’m sure there have been many bottles of Champagne popped and more to come. Every day is a good day to pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne and there are different styles of Champagne. How do you know which bottle...

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