Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Taking The Intimidation Out Of Wine

A Tale of 3 Malbecs

What is a Caiquén? It’s a wild good from Patagonia that flies across The Andes between Argentina and Chile. When they fly border to border they take up a major challenge. This is just what Aurelio Montes, founder of Bodega Montes in Chile did,...

Making a New Jersey Wine Lover Out Of Me

I’ve been coming down to the Jersey Shore since the mid 1980’s when I started dating my husband. He is from the Philadelphia area and his family has a house in Cape May we would visit during the summer. Family vacations growing up never took us to the...

Wine and Ouija Board

I was going through my notes and realized I never shared with you my wine and Ouija Board experience. Three years ago when we were cleaning out my moms house I found a Ouija Board that must have been from the 1950’s. I decided not to put it out for the...

Thinking Back to Boating with Esporão

As I sit her and begin to write about these two nice wines from Portugal I think back to the summer when I spent the afternoon boating with Esporão Verdelho and right now it’s snowing and we have a blizzard warning. Boy do I wish I was back on...

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