Let me introduce you to Soave.  I have to admit, this is my first time tasting Soave.  I got asked to participate in #SommChat and felt honored and was excited because this was a wine I heard about but never had the opportunity to taste.

Soave is made from the Garganega grape.  If you like Sauvignon Blanc and/or don’t like the extreme acidity of Sauvignon Blanc Soave is for you.  I felt the tasting profiles are very similar but with Soave you don’t have the extreme acidity and you won’t wake up the next morning with a mouth of grapefruit pith.

The Garganega grapes for Soave are grown in the Veneto region of Italy. There are two regions Soave DOC and Soave Classico DOC and 90% of Soave is hand harvested.  You may ask what the difference is.

Wines with the Soave DOC designation are grown throughout the region on flat land.  There are approximately 16,000 acres.  The wines with the DOC designation are good consumed between 1-2 years.

Wines with the Soave Classico designation are limited to the historical area designated in 1931.  These wines are more complex and can age for many years.  The aging will give wine a weighter feel and richer balance.

Foods that will pair well with Soave are roasted chicken or turkey, ham and seafood.

2013 Monte Carbonare Suavia is 100% Garganega grapes, grown in Soave Classico and aged for 15 months in steel.  It’s straw yellow color had aromas of some nice citrus notes and a hint of minerality. It was very soft on the palate. Flinty minerals with lemon and limestone and had a nice richness to it.

I happen to be invited to dinner of Shrimp Pad Thai and brought the above wine to it.  As I love Pad Thai and I really enjoyed the wine, the little hint of spice in the Pad Thai just didn’t do it for the wine. Had the shrimp been in a scampi or citrus sauce, it would have paired much better.

2014 Rocca Sveva is 100% Garganega grown in the Classic Soave area. The grapes were hand picked the last week of September.  Aromas of spring flowers came from the glass along with juicy honeydew melon.  The soft acidity on the palate showed flavors of fruity apple and hints of lime.

I enjoyed both the Soave’s and would highly suggest seeking them out especially if you are a Sauvignon Blanc fan.