What do you pair with two Italian wines, one a young Barbera and one a Dolcetto both from the Piedmont region of Italy?  Leftover Filet Mignon and Pasta.

Neither of these wines saw any oak.  All aged in stainless steel.  They both reacted differently to the dinner at hand.

Brangero 2012 Dolcetto di Diano D’Alba is made by third generation winemaker Marco. It had a hint of smokiness on the nose.  Also flavors of black cherry, blueberry and anise.  The palate was fruity and balanced with some tannins.  Flavors of red fruit and slight acidity. Goes very well with the pasta and tomato sauce

The wine tasted great with the cold Filet Mignon.  Also tried it with provolone and Locatelli cheese.  It mellowed out the sharpness on the provolone.

Roagna Barbera D’Alba 2014 is also produced by a Marco.  This wine has the potential to age for 5 years.Aromas coming from the bottle were full of cherry and blackberries. The palate was soft and silky full fo sour cherry,, strawberry and plum.

The wine paired very well with the Filet Mignon.  The wine rolls over the flavor of the sharp provolone but not the sharpness of the cheese.

Compare and Contrast:

  1. Both wines were made by a Marco
  2. Both wines come from the Piedmont region of Italy
  3. Both wines went very well with the Filet Mignon
  4. The Dolcetto paired better with the pasta
  5. The Dolcetto was a better food wine
  6. Both wines are priced around $18