Where the Alps meet the Mediterranean is where you will find the country of Slovenia. Bordered by Hungary, Italy, Austria and Croatia this country produces 80 to 100 million liters of wine per year.  The majority…70% of the wine produced is white. The sub soil is limestone from Northern Slovenia down to the Dalmation coast through Croatia.  The climate is Mediterranean, short rainy season followed by dry autumn winds coming off the sea.

We tasted two very different wines, one being dry one being sweet.  I had no expectations going into this tasting, as it is the first time I was tasting wines from Slovenia.  One of the things I love about participating in #winestudio is that it opens my eyes to so many different wines, wines I would have never picked up if I had a chance.  Now with the chance and a bit of educations I can say I would pick these two wines up without thinking twice.

The first wine is made from the Ribolla Gialla (aka Rebula) grape which is the leading grape variety in Brda.  The Brda region is the northernmost portion of Primorje.  It features low rocky hills with terraced vineyards.  They have a slightly higher rainfall


2011 Erzetic Winery Ribolla Gialla is fermented in stainless steel.  It is very aromatic with lots of white flowers, a bit of grass and some citrus.  A nice silky palate with hints of grass, apples and a touch of citrus on the finish.  This wine was nice for a hot summer day in spring.  It’s a great wine to have with appetizers before heading to your main course.

SRP $22.95

Now we travel to the Ljutomer-Ormoz, Podravvje region of Slovenia located in the northeast town of Jeruzalem, Solvenia. This is an area renowned for wines that boast a fruity and fresh
character from an early age and that are famous for their extraordinary
maturing potential (whites 5–20 years, reds 5–25 years).

2011 Kupljen Winery Rumeni Muskat is a sweeter wine. It has a beautiful apricot nose with a hint of honey.  A nice balance between sweetness and acidity.  The texture is light on your palate.  It is great as an aperitif and will also pair well with Asian foods and foods with a little spice.

SRP $22.95