Whether the person on you list is to wine, likes wine or just wants to know about wine, here are three book suggestions on an overall get to know wine.

WineWise by Steven Kolpan, Michael A Weiss and Brian H Smith, all professors of wine at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

This is a get to know your wine and wine region book. They nicely explain the wine regions and also notable wines from the region, both inexpensive and expensive.

They spend time in California, Washington, Oregon and New York wine regions. Take you to South America and cover Chile and Arentina before heading Down Under to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

That about takes you half way through the book before you head to the European wine regions. Here you go into the major wine producing countries in detail.

They finish the book with food pairings and navigating through a restaurant wine list.

A good all around book for the person who wants some knowledge on wine. It sells for $24.68 on Amazon.

For the person who wants to take that wine course, but can’t seem to fit it in their schedule, Kevin Zraly’s, Windows on the world Complete Wine Course 30th Anniversary Edition is for them.  
This book makes you feel like you are in the classroom with Kevin.  There are QR Codes with links to explain pronunciations and a few videos along the way.  
He goes into the wine regions, wine and food, the major grapes of the region and more.  Even has a tasting worksheet and guidance on the wines to purchase for each tasting.  Yes you will be tasting. Don’t let me forget the quizzes.  Don’t be alarmed, but after each class (chapter) there is a quiz.  Just like attending wine school in person.
Kevin’s Window on the World Complete Wine Course sells for $17.85 on Amazon
For you girlfriend that wants to know wine, I suggest the Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine.  This book, Barbara and Beverly speak to you about wine, girlfriend to girlfriend.  Even at times comparing wine to fashion and men. At times they will have you laughing so hard you might choke on that sip. 
Not sure how to shop for wine, don’t worry they give your some good strategies for both purchasing on line and in your local wine shop.
Need some selections to pair with life events such as first date, wedding, first child, divorce, death. No worries, they take those feeling and pair it to a wine complete with explanation.
A fun book to learn about wine with a bunch of laughs on the way.  
The book sells for $9.97 on Amazon and is available on Kindle too.