American Fruits Distillery is a branch of Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. In 2001 Warwick Valley Winery received a grant from the State of New York and imported a steam fired German Copper Still.  In 2002 they became the first licensed distillery in the Hudson Valley since prohibition.

They produce fruit brandies, liqueurs and distilled spirits that capture the true essence of the fruit and are reminiscent of the finest French and German fruit brandies. 

The process of producing American Fruits Apple Liqueur is the same method as port. Because of the similarities they tried to call it an Apple Port, but due to regulations, changed the name to Apple Liqueur.

The difference between producing a port and apple liqueur is they use apples and apple brandy instead of grapes and grape brandy.

The process, taking slightly fermented sweet Hudson Valley cider and blending it with their apple brandy.  It is then aged in once used bourbon barrels for one year and released to the public.

The type of apples that are used for the Apple Liqueur are Jonagold and it takes about 10 pounds of apples to make a bottle of the liqueur.

Tasting just like apples with a caramel bourbon finish this is a great aperitif and will go great with and enhance your apple pie!