Wine Education with Winephabet Street – B is for Beaujolais

by | Aug 7, 2017

In June I partnered with Lori Budd of Dracaena Wines to bring you some quick at times witty wine education and began with the letter A for Albarino. In July we brought you the letter B for Beaujolais. Now Beaujolais is not only referred to as a wine, but it is a wine region in France.

In case you missed our conversation about Beaujolais and the Gamay grape, you can watch it below or listen to it as a podcast.

It’s fun and we explore:

  • The general characteristics of the grape / region
  • The history of the grape / region
  • Food and wine pairings
  • 5 quick facts
  • What Beaujolais is in our glass.

Plus you’ll get to listen to my dog Summer howl throughout the entire video and podcast. Now I know what goes on when nobody is home.

I hope you enjoy it and join us Monday, August 21 at 8pm as we explore the Letter C – for Carmenere. You can register for the Letter C – for Carmenere here.



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