I received the Buy The Right Wine Every Time: The no-Fuss No-Vintage Wine Guide by Tom Stevenson for review recently from his PR Company.  Just from flipping through the good at first glance, I thought this was the perfect book for my wine enthusiast 21 year old son.

The book is grouped alphabetical order and goes into general notes about the wine. An example is Chateau-Fuisse Pouilly-Fuisse Les Brules.  The review has the price indicator $$$ and alcohol content and Toms comment “To Die For” (others say “highly recommended or recommended) The review explains the type of wine it is, what it tastes like and if you like the wine you might also like and he lists suggestions.

He reviews and gives advice on the most widely available wines found in wine stores and restaurants.  This is a plus, so you won’t go out seeking wines that are hard to find.  As I flipped through the book, many of the wines I see are available in both NY and NJ.

Tom lists 20 useful tips at the end of the book that are great for the new wine enthusiast. Such tips as:

  • How to allow a wine to breathe
  • How to open a Champagne bottle
  • How to pour Champagne
  • How to identify a corked wine
If you are looking to get into wine or just began to have an appreciation for wine, this is a book you should pick up.  You have to keep in mind that every vintage is different and Tom doesn’t reveal what vintage he is writing about.  Along with that, if there is a winemaker change, that will also change the final outcome of the wine as every winemaker puts his/her own signature into the wine.
With that being said…guess who is getting this book for his college graduation.  At least I’ll know he’ll be able to order a decent bottle of wine at a business dinner.

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