Today I attended the Bounty of the Hudson Food & Wine Festival @ Brotherhood Winery. It was wonderful. I did take pictures, but they are still in my camera. I will post them in the future.

There was cooking demonstrations, wine ice cream and sorbet. Yup…I couldn’t believe it either. The wine Sorbet was made from 100% wine. It was actually very good. I like the white wine sorbets over the red. The wine ice cream was good too. Once again I liked the Champagne with peaches over the Cab.

Wines…there were 19 wineries at the Bounty. Lots of wine to taste. I really liked Benmarl’s Baco Noir and Whitecliff’s Ridgewine Red. I tend to like dry wines. There were also a number of wineries that were serving sweet wine, like Baldwin with their Strawberry and Raspberry wine. Then there was the “interesting wines” like Pazdar Winery’s Garden of Eden wine, with hints of Banana and Chocolate. Very different.

Food…there were many food vendors. I really like the Lamb Kabobs! I also tried some kind of beets with cheese. I had to keep an open mind..cause beets are not my thing…a childhood memory I’d like to forget. But they were good. I brought my husband who loves eggplant, some kind of eggplant stuffed with mozzeralla cheese drizzled with balsamic vinagar. He said it was really food (I don’t do eggplant)

The Bounty of the Hudson is open tomorrow..Sunday from 12pm -5pm if you would like to attend.

If you attended the Bounty, I would love to hear your comments. You can view pictures of the event by clicking here.