Nothing like a little Port after a long day.  Truth, I only recently began exploring Port and am really enjoying the flavors and styles while I relax in the evening.

Hints of raisin and oak on the nose leads to a soft and silky palate of prune and dried red fruit.  The port had elegant note to it and a nutty finish.

What pairing goes good with Port, a nice Stilton Blue Cheese which I happen to have in the fridge.  I took that out and drizzled some fig balsamic vinegar on it.  Wow a very nice pairing.  The cheese and balsamic neutralized the alcohol in the port and made the mouth feel creamier.

Just when I thought I didn’t have any other pairing for the Port I remembered I had some almonds in the cabinet.  Out came the almonds.  The almonds neutralized the fruit in the Port and made the nut flavor more pronounced.

What pairings have you tried with a 20 year Tawny?