Yes it’s football season and what do you think about besides tailgate parties and beer? Wings!

I have to admit, I am a wing snob.  Going to college in Buffalo, NY made me that way and I like my wings extra hot and extra crispy with lots of blue cheese.  If I can’t have them that way, I like them Thai Chili or just about any way they’re made.  How do you like yours?

The first thing  I think about pairing wings with is beer. Sometimes the beer just doesn’t cut it with me if the wings are too hot, then I reach for the semi-sweet Riesling. The sweetness in the Riesling will cool the heat in my mouth for a bit. (until the next bite)

I found this nice infographic on DrinkUpRoot and thought of passing it along for your wing and wine pairings during football season.

Let me know what wines you pair with your wings?



by uproot.