I thought I’d try my hand at some video blogging.  Put in a little face time with you.  This is my first attempt at doing this and I’m sure (hope) I will get better as time goes on.

Here goes my review of Glorie Farm Winery’s 2010 Synergy.  Make sure you read my followup notes after the video.

After the taping I put the cork in the bottle and waited about 2 hours until Paul came home so we could have a glass together.  I hate to drink alone and didn’t think 2pm was a good time to begin my down time.

In those two hours the wine did undergo some changes.  I thought it was strange because I didn’t think 2 hours was a long time but I guess the wine did.  First thing I noticed was it lost it’s pepper spice finish. It became a bit dull.  There was also a little more black fruit present on the palate.

I still think it was a decent wine, but I was a little disappointed that it fell apart.