So often I get caught up with the blogging that I don’t take time to reflect and look at the year in review.  I am humbled to know that many of you seek out some of the noted selections I review and enjoy the wine.  I want to thank Tyler Philp for inspiring me to dig deep into the past year and come up with my most memorable moments and wines.

TasteCamp, 2012

I got to travel this year to Napa, Oregon,Virginia New Jersey wine country.  Napa is Napa and I was only up there for one day as I was visiting some friends.  I really enjoyed my time in Oregon and Virginia learning about the region and their wines and hanging out with fellow bloggers.  I can not say one was better than the other, but learning about the wineries their history and what brought the owners or winemakers into wine industry, the grapes of the region and tasting the wine was truly enjoyable.

I have seen such growth over the years in the South Jersey wine industry.  When I began going to Cape May in the ’80’s there weren’t many wineries.  Now there are 6 wineries and  2 breweries in the area.  I hope to report on them more, as I will be down in the region more frequently this year.

This year I had three wonderful tasting experiences in NYC.  The most fun was had at the Rutini lunch where it was very laid back.  Almost to laid back as I was disgusted to see a distributor rep attend the lunch in shorts as if he was stopping in on his way to the beach.  A little professionalism goes a long way buddy.  I have become a fan of Rutini and both their Rutini and Trumpeter brands are well worth the purchase. Both are reasonably priced and the Torrontes is a great summer sipper.

I was so honored to be invited to the Barons De Rothschild Champagne launch.  What an honor it was to meet and have lunch with Philippe.  Their Champagnes….outstanding!

Then there was Winegrowing Boot Camp at Millbrook Vineyards & Winery.  I took this one step farther and stopped by almost every week and took pictures of the progress of my grapes. (I will be putting together a photo of them all) It was an all hands on experience and I learned lots.  I think Summer enjoyed the experience as much as I did, as I took her every Tuesday with me to the vineyard.  She even struck up a friendship with John’s lab, Carmella.

Great wines to come in the  Hudson Valley with the addition of Nostrano Vineyards! Nic and Kayleigh should have their first vintage out in 2013. I am looking forward to tasting it!  So nice to see new, young winemakers getting involved in the local wine industry! My interview and tour with them shows great commitment to region.  

Most improved Hudson Valley winery goes to Brimstone Hill Vineyards.  I have reviewed various wines this year from Brimstone and was very impressed at the improved quality of winemaking.  Kudos to Dick.

I am going to end with a post to look forward to in 2013.  Ever purchase a wine on futures? We did back in 2006 in Santa Barbara and slowly drank the Syrah.  There was a point in time that we didn’t think the Syrah was tasting to good.  In fact it got real sweet.  Opened the last bottle a few weeks ago and……….

Have a wonderful New Year everyone and Thank You for your encouragement and for hanging out here with me.