Nemo found us last Friday, but we were prepared! We had some Whitecliff Malbec/Merlot, pasta with my bolognese sauce, homemade bread and Melanie’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Yes, lucky Melanie, comes home from college for the weekend and gets stuck in the house with her parents…and neighbors. Yes, in this part of the street we use any excuse for a get together and Nemo was one of them.

 After dinner with the wind howling we broke out th  Foncesa 2009 Vintage Port.  After a short lesson in Port to the younger wine drinkers, the bottle was opened. Remember, not every year a vintage is declared.  The growing season and grapes have to be extraordinary.The season was very dry, produced vines with low yields but wines of massive density and high levels of tannins, sugar and color.

The Port had a beautiful dark purple,cherry, black color. The first scent to hit my nose was the aroma of coffee and vanilla.Then some blackcurrant, prune and spice came into play with a hint of raisin.  On the palate, blackberry, chocolate and licorice with a hint of plum warmed us up.  The finish showed some presence of tannins and lingering black fruit, blackberry and blackcurrant.

Nemo might of found us, but we found the Foncesa and shared it with some great neighbors.