Back in September 2012 I visited Nostrano Vineyards.  They were just beginning, by beginning I mean planting and repurposing some of the apple orchard to vineyard. You can see the post here.

They have come a long way in two years. I recently stopped by Nostrano to visit with Kayleigh as Nic was out on his ATV (a guy has to have his fun with his toys) and wow have they progressed.  At the top of the hill what was just land is now a beautiful tasting room overlooking the vineyard and orchard. It makes a statement.

The tasting room is beautifully decorated.  Although during my visit not fully completed, it was enough to see the thought and love that was put into it. They plan on offering small cheese plates and hope one day to open a restaurant on the property.

In my previous post both Nic and Kayleigh had day jobs and were building the winery and vineyard.  I am pleased to say that although Kayleigh still has her day job, Nic is at the vineyard full time.

This past year was their first harvest.  They harvested Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir & Baco Noir. They also harvested Baco from her grandfather’s vineyard two harvests ago. I was lucky and Kayleigh gave me a bottle to taste.

When they open this fall they will release their first vintages.  Meanwhile, if you are in the market for a wedding venue, you can add Nostrano to your list. The past two weddings there had their ceremony under willow tree, cocktail hour in the barn and reception outside. They have two weddings book for this year.

The view from the tasting room is breathtaking!

Keep your eyes and ears open this fall for the Grand Opening of Nostrano Vineyards!

Nostrano Vineyards 2012 Reservior Red

Truth be told, Kayleigh was nervous yet excite about giving me a bottle of this wine to review.  She wanted my opinion on the wine, good or bad. While nobody likes a lousy review, she was a bit nervous asking me for my opinion.

As I opened the bottle sitting home along an a Friday night, I was nervous for Kayleigh and Nic.  I had no expectations on the wine and didn’t know what to expect.  The only thing I knew is that is a 2012 Baco Noir harvested from Kayleigh’s grandfather’s vineyards which has old vines as he has been growing Baco for a while and Ben Peacock from Tousey Vineyards, who assisted Nic in the winemaking.

When I uncorked the bottle I put the bottle to my nose and was thrilled to have some nice aromas leaking out.  Once in the glass, I smiled.  I smiled because it smelled good, looked good and was proud.

The wine had a nice color, garnetish with aromas of black cherry, plum a hint of vanilla and fresh forrest. The wine seemed to have a bit of acidity but overall had a smooth mouth feel with medium to light body.  Flavors of sour cherry, raspberry and cranberry filled my mouth.  Lovely wine, tasty and enjoyable.

I didn’t finish the bottle so I put it aside for the next day.  After a day of gardening and a massage, I poured another glass of the Baco.(Ok, I did finish the bottle here)  I was very surprised how well it held up.  It was very easy drinking.  It did lose some of its fruit notes, but overall it was a nice wine to sit and relax with after an 80 minute massage.