I am going to reveal something here before I should.  Our packaging for Happy Bitch Wines Rosé isn’t the traditional wine bottle.  I mean it is as far as the bottle goes, but not the closure.  It’s not a cork, but a cap…yes a bottle cap for an easy open.

We ordered our caps thank goodness with somewhat of a buffer time, just in case something should go wrong. Not that we expect anything to go wrong…but…you just can never be sure.  The caps ordered were Hot Pink.  When they were delivered Keryl opened the box AND…..OH NO- They were purple.

Now purple is my color, pink is Keryl’s and the color scheme of Happy Bitch Wines.  Purple caps are not going match the outfit our Happy Bitch Wines Rosé will be wearing.  What to do?  People say when someone hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Well….

The company we purchased the caps from couldn’t do enough for us.  They worked throughout the weekend, emails and .jpgs going back and forth to make purple turn pink. Although they aren’t as hot pink as we would like, they will match the outfit just fine.  They arrived this past Friday, so we are all set.

QUESTION: What do we do with all these purple caps?  This is where our customers are going to benefit.  We are throwing in a bunch of purple caps when we bottle this week.  If you are one of the lucky people to purchase a bottle with a purple cap, you will receive a special gift from us at Happy Bitch Wines.  It could be a set of glasses, a shirt, the Happy Bitch Book or some other Happy Bitch Wines gift. We will have posted on our website instructions on how to claim your prize with your purple cap on November 1st.  Why November 1st – well – October 20th is our launch party where you’ll see the bottle perfectly dressed and get to taste it but November 1st is when it will be available in the wine stores in your neighborhood.