Sometimes your craving Chardonnay but a Riesling is what you pull out.  This was the case the night I was craving a Chardonnay and when I was rummaging through the wine cellar I found a 2007 Heron Hill Ingle Vineyard Riesling from the Finger Lakes.  My craving suddenly changed, I had to open this wine.

Usually Rieslings tend to darken in color as they age, but this one held it’s own.  It was light pale yellow with a little greenish tint. I was getting excited!

The aromas of petrol filled my nose with hits of wet slate. I knew Paul was going to like this with the smell of the petrol.

Once the wine reached my lips – Wow! Soft and silky with tart green apple, honey dew melon and apricot. Lemon rind finishes on the back of your palate and just lingers for a few to remind you of the amazing experience.  There isn’t much acidity left and you get more mineral notes within the wine.

Sometimes I am just amazed at what I find in my cellar.