When I opened the box the UPS man delivered from Vintners Collective and saw the 2008 D Cubed all I thought about were my California friends and I should be enjoying this with them.  We are D Cubed – Diane, Denise and Debbie…D1, D2 & D3. This wine must be named after us! Unfortunately we weren’t together so I didn’t enjoy it with them, but I do know they were or will be enjoying the same bottle because we all belong to the same club. I hope they think of me when they uncork.

Boy was this Zin jamming!  Some serious fruity strawberry going on in the aroma, on the palate, everywhere.  It was a sweet jammin fruitiness.  After you got past the fruity strawberry there was some ripe blackberries that came forward.  A palate of jam, I’d say. There was a slight hint of earthiness and some black pepper, but I felt the jammin berries overwhelmed the wine.