Have you ever gone to a party and chilled a bottle of wine got in the car and by the time you got to where you were going the wine warmed up a bit?  Now you needed to stick the bottle in some ice before uncorking it.

Problem solved. Bella Vita makes some great wine carriers to help keep that bottle chilled.  Not only wine but beer too.

What I was really impressed with was the Bottle Nets. How many times do I go to a party and have to brown bag my bottle.  This was so easy you just slip it over the bottle and the handle is on top and you have a carrier. So it’s the little things in life that make me happy.

The wine chiller bags are great.  They really keep the wine cold for a good amount of time. They are very temperamental and should be handled with care as they come out of the freezer.  Instructions say (what’s in parenthesis are my comments):

  • Freeze me at temperatures of -5 degrees and up (I’m guessing that’s celsius)
  • Can become brittle at very cold temperatures so give a minute or two to thaw or it may crack
  • Don’t store heavy objects on top of me or it may puncture (common sense)
  • Don’t allow bags to come into contact with sharp objects that my puncture it (common sense)
  • Works best when your bottle is chilled. (Don’t expect it to chill your bottle, it will keep the bottle chilled)
In case you want to think ahead, these will make great Christmas gifts!

Disclaimer: I received these samples from their PR company to try out.