We are coming up to the holiday weekend where many of us will be hosting or attending barbecues. I am one of those people. As I am presently without a kitchen I will be attending a rib cook-off with at a friends house. Even without a kitchen, we will be making our smoked ribs. What wine will I be bringing to pair with the ribs…a Malbec from Argentina and a Hudson Valley Baco Noir.

One thing I noticed when out wine shopping is the availability of wine in different states and counties. Yes, while you most likely can order anything from the wine store, if they don’t carry it you will be paying a premium. (That’s another post) My goal here is to give you some suggestions on wine types to bring to your 4th of July barbecue. Hoping you can find a few at your wine store.

Malbec – I think the Malbec especially ones from Argentina are great burger and rib wines. Many of them sell for under $15

Vinho Verde – High acidity, crisp and clean and sometimes with a little carbonation this white wine from Portugal will pair great with shell fish or just to sip on during a hot summer day.

Cava – You always need some bubbles.  Cava is from Spain and is made with the second fermentation in the bottle similar to the way Champagne is made.  The three grapes that make Cava are Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo.  Nice, crisp and dry enjoy all day long.  Why wait for the BBQ when you can enjoy this with your breakfast.

Tempranillo –  You will find some nice and reasonably priced ones from the Rioja region of Spain. Crianza means the wine is aged in barrels for 6 months and total aging for 2 years before released.  Reserva the wine is aged in barrels for 12 months with the total aging before released 3 years.  Either one of these will go nicely with your grilled steaks and kabobs.

Rose – Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s sweet.  With Rose wine, the wine is left on the skins for about 24 hours to extract color.  Provence is the home of Rose and you will find some beautiful selections.  Rose is made all over and with a variety of grapes.  Make sure you look at the back of the bottle to see what grapes are in the Rose.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  Enjoy!