On a snowy evening a few weeks back I made a fish stoup for dinner.  What’s a stoup, well..not quit a soup, not quite a stew.  I had fresh, frozen Pollack in my freezer that my friend Sharon had sent me home with on a recent visit.  (Her husband is a Merchant Marine Ret. and runs a fishing charter business off the coast of Massachusetts on the Sharon B.) Now that I made this stoup enough for 8 and there were only 3 of us, what do I do with th leftovers?

I made dim sums with a ginger lime dipping sauce and served it with a 2009 Whitecliff Riesling.  What a great pairing for a football Sunday!  There was soft spice in the fish that was complimented by the hint of sweetness in the Riesling. The apricot in the Riesling blended very will with the dipping sauce. 
This Riesling happen to have won the “Best White Wine” at the 2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition.  Unfortunately I don’t think they have any left in the tasting room, but I have a bottle or two left in my cellar.  Will be very interesting to see how it ages.  Stay tuned..