Sauvignon’s a fantastic, crisp, citrusy, white wine. In my opinion, the best Sauvignon Blancs are from New Zealand.

Recently my UPS driver delivered me two wonderful 2005 Sauvignon Blancs. One was from New Zealand and one was from South Africa. (Keep in mind their growing season is ahead of us. Their 2006 is harvested during our winter. ) The winery was Sauvignon Republic. This wine was incredible!! I recently called to purchase more of this wonderful wine from the American Wine Exchange and they told me the wine exchange had been purchased by another company and liquidated. I was heart broken but resourceful.

I looked them up on line Sauvignon Republic and they didn’t deliver to NY. So…I proceeded to call my favorite liquor store, Arlington Liquor.Bob was great! He had not heard of this wine, but asked if I know who distributed this wine in NY. Sauvignon Republic’s website listed the distributors. Unfortunately the 2005 vintage isn’t available anymore, but the 2006 is. As I write this right now, Bob is looking into this for me and hopefully I will be able to purchase the 2006 vintage. I will let you all know if it is as good as the 2005.