Wine tasting can be complicated, or as complicated as you make it.  We are all individuals with different tastes. Our taste are as individual to us as our fingerprints are.

When you taste a wine and don’t taste and smell all the aromas and flavors your friends do, it’s okay. Your taste buds are tasting other flavors that are a bit stronger to you.

When tasting Chardonnay the flavors and aromas that you can be experiencing from the glass are below.

Keep in mind, a lot will depend on the type of Chardonnay you are tasting.  Cool climate Chardonnay vs. warm climate.  Oaked vs. unoaked. Young vines vs. old vines and the type of soil its grown in.

You might get 4 or 5 of the flavors/aromas or 2 or 3. Next time you are drinking a Chardonnay, swirl, sniff and taste and let me know what flavors are on your palate.

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