Many wine regions have a signature grape.  Especially in New York.  The Finger Lakes focus on Riesling and have been quit successful in achieving world recognition.  Long Island has a focus on Merlot.  What does the Hudson Valley have?

I’ve overheard some conversations from local owners/winemakers that they feel they should be planting and focusing on Riesling because that is where the NYWGF is focused. Seyval is also a grape some winery owners think the Valley should focus on. I have also been in conversations with people from Cornell where it’s been said that Chardonnay grows very well in the Hudson Valley and they should focus on Chardonnay.

The Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association tried to brand a red and a white wine blend called Hudson Heritage Red and White. These blends all must contain grapes from the Hudson River Region AVA.  Each has a specific percentage of grapes that need to be used for each blend.  Have they been successful with that?  How many of you have tasted a  Hudson Heritage blend?

In Steven’s article below he mentions Cabernet Franc. I love Cab Franc and do think there are some fabulous sites in the Hudson Valley that grow the varietal.  Honestly,  I think you need to look deep in your terrior and region, what thrives in it and what resources you can put behind it.

Read Steven’s article and then tell me what grape varietal you think the Hudson Valley should focus on.