The very first SHRINKY DINKS were sold on October 17, 1973 at Brookfield Square Shopping Mall in Brookfield Wisconsin. Since that time there has been over 250 different Toy Activity and Craft Kits created and marketed. Whoever thought at my age I would be spending a day making shrinky dinks for adults.

It all began with the idea of Happy Bitch Wines wine charms or tuits two weeks before the launch. Where were we going to come up with these and what were we going to put on them.  Of course something that has to do with our brand and were we going to be able to get them before the big launch?

We searched the internet, made some phone calls and were thinking.  

Then I get a text from Keryl “Your partner is brilliant, shrinky dinks” with a picture of the wine charm bottle.  Crafts were never a strong point in in my life but shrinky dinks was a term from my childhood.  Oh my gosh they were great.  I was laughing.

So the Sunday before the launch we cranked out 600 shrinky dink wine charms, 150 each of the wine bottle, sign, shirt and lips. Yes printing, cutting and baking (and it wasn’t cookies). The things you do to get a project done for our fans.

I hope everyone who attended the launch enjoys the wine charms.  All I got was carpal tunnel in my left thumb.