Straight from the field comes this 2010 Field Stone Baco from Hudson-Chatham Winery.

Carlo had told me about the the Field Stone with great pride while we were at a wine festival, but I didn’t have my notebook handy.  Since my memory is shot, I sent Carlo a note explaining my memory just isn’t the way it use to be and asked him about the Field Stone.  I remembered stones from the property and an oak tree. Here are his words on the clarification of the name and process of what went into the wine.

 “I sent my sons to ride around the farm and let them drive the farm truck. We got river stones from around the farm, scrubbed them with brand new scrub brushes and fresh water. We put those in the tank. Then I had some limbs from a local oak tree that had fallen years ago milled at a local wood mill, and then kiln dried. And we put some of that in. And we let it sit for four months and change.

The first time I tried it, in the first week, it tasted like mud with moss. It was awful. The second day it tasted worse! I thought to myself, I better not tell my wife I just ruined $7000 worth of wine! But four months later, and a lot of anxiety in between, it all worked out. It’s been incredibly popular in the tasting room.”  

I found aromas of earth, mint and black cherry filled the glass with light hints of minerality and oak.  I would think that would come from the field stones and the tree. To bad he didn’t name the tree. (something like Fred)

The palate was filled with plum, black fruit, mid palate of cherry vanilla with a black peppercorn on the finish.

Kudos to Carlo, you didn’t ruin $7000 worth of wine.  It’s quite tasty and I enjoyed it!