It is always fascinating to drink wines from all over the world.  One should not limit yourself and should always keep an open mind and palate.  When I received the Erzetič Winery from Slovenia I was pretty excited.  I have only tasted Slovenia Vodka, and did so with the Chef behind it Peter Kelly and I was wowed!  I thought if the Vodka is good so must be the wine and I was correct.

Located just over the northeast Italian border, the first owner of the Erzetič Estate, Martin planted the vineyard in 1725. Staying true to the land, the wine is made to capture the charm and liveliness of the terrior.

The Erzetič Rosé is a delightful Rosé. The grapes are destemmed and gently pressed and the must sits on the skins for only a few hours. Sitting on the skins is key for color & extracting tannins & phenol properties from the skins which give the wine texture of soft and rounded.

Aromas of strawberry and soft red berries fill the glass with floral hints. On the palate red fruit shows through with some nice acidity balanced out with a bit of residual sugar and soft tannins. The finish lingers with a hint of lemon rind.

I paired the wine with a nice fresh raspberry/blackberry buttermilk cake. (Ok, no comments on how small the piece is, I’m watching my girlish figure.)

The SRP is $24. If you can’t find the Rose in your wine shop you can order it from Old World Vines