What wine do you pair with football?  Last week we found ourselves moving boxes around for the movers and watching the Eagles/Dallas game.  Paul was in his glory since he is a Philadelphia fan and now gets to watch them on TV every Sunday.  Not so fun for me if they don’t do to well.

Anyway, I thought the afternoon needed some wine and cheese so on the floor in the dining room among many cases of wine was the 2009 Hearts & Hands Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir.  It said drink me on it, so that is what I did.
The grapes for this wine were sourced from three vineyards on three different Finger Lakes.  46% came from Sawmill Creek Vineyard on the east side of Seneca Lake, 31% came from Hobbit Hollow Vineyard on the west side of Skaneateles Lake and 23% came from Patrician Verona Vineyards on the west side of Cayuga lake and was aged in 46% new oak.  There were 324 cases produced.

Aromas of vanilla with toasty oak and earthy notes with hints of strawberry and fig. On the palate flavors of tart cherry, strawberry towards the finish.  We paired this with Coach Farm Fig Goat Cheese, and a great football pairing at that. The cheese had a bit of sweetness to it and when eaten with the wine, softened the tart cherry flavor.  
One note, as the wine opens, the tart cherry loses its tartness and the wine comes into itself nicely!