You are probably wondering who Gus is.  Gus is Paul’s cousin and he is living down here in Cape May and is the Chef at Marie Nicole’s in Wildwood Crest. (A great Chef too! Order the specials as they are his creations)

In the Spring we ate at Marie Nicole’s and Paul had Striped Bass that was on a bed of thin cut sweet potatoes with Tasso and cooked in foil. There might of been some veggies in there too.  Paul didn’t let me take a picture of it. Sometimes he gets annoyed with my picture taking and social media, but he really enjoyed the fish cooked this way.

The other day I came home with Flounder and Paul asked me how I was going to cook it.  I thought about sauteing it with Panko in lemon, butter and wine.  Kind of like my mom use to make (minus the wine). He didn’t like that idea to much and had a different idea of what his dinner was going to be that night and it involved foil and the grill.

I relinquished my cooking duty for the evening and handed it off to him.  He took it right from Gus’s playbook, but using ingredients that we had in our fridge: Flounder, Summer Squash, Chorizo, Vidalia Onion, White Wine, Olive Oil, Lemon and Parsley.

This dinner was very easy to prepare as I was supervising from the couch with my glass of wine.  The outcome – Delish!

We cooked with and paired the fish with 2014 Chappellet Signature Chenin Blanc. The wine was nice and fresh with white flowers, hints of orange and lemongrass.  A perfect pairing.


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