I don’t usually associate Gewurztraminer with California, as it’s a cool climate grape and last I checked Sonoma Valley wasn’t a cool climate. But this Kunde Gewurztraminer came in my wine club shipment so I thought I’d test it out.   Unfortunately I slacked off and have no visual for you.  Sorry.

The 2010 Kunde Sonoma Valley Gewurztraminer had a nice straw color and a nose that was sweet, floral and lychee.

On the palate I detected the residual sugar of 1.5% right away, but that’s me as I’m sensitive to the RS factor.  The wine has flavors of sweet peach and guava with hints of jasmine and white pepper on the finish.  The wine had a nice rounded mouth feel as the sweetness rounds it out and makes it all come together.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad wine.  Would go great with Thai food or something with spice to it.