Tonight I was trying to sign on..I only had one glass of wine, but for some reason I was having difficulty. Finally, stepping away from my computer, let the dog out and walla, it worked…no I don’t blame the glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Although it’s good…2005 Marlborough(New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Republic Cellars. Nice crisp, citrus fruits but a hit of grassiness. I’ve had better from this region.

Speaking of Glasses…as I sit here I ponder if I am drinking from the correct wine glass. There are many wine glasses out there, all shapes and sizes. Our household favors Riedel. Yes we even got into the Reidel tumbler series but there was just something about putting you hand around such a wide glass. Some people will tell you that you are heating up the wine as well. Not good. I prefer the stem glassware myself.

Getting back to the Glass...each type of wine has a different glass. You can go nuts, or you can purchase the universal wine glass. I will tell you the shape of the glass, how the air gets to the wine, and how the wine gets to your taste buds can really affect the taste and bouquet and that is all in the design of the glass. There are many different brands of glassware..Riedel, Spiegelau, or you may pick up some beautiful hand painted glasses at a craft fair.

My suggestion to you, is do a taste test…pour some wine into an all purpose wine glass as well as a Riedel or Spiegelau glass made for that wine. Swirl, smell and taste.

You tell me.

A little secret….no matter how much you want to wash those wine glasses after entertaining…wait until the morning….Less Breakage!!!!