So the time has come, the wine bottles are piling in strange corners of your home and you have to break down and purchase a wine cooler.  I know your thinking, how big should I go?  That depends on your collection habits.

For the person just starting out, like my son who is a wine enthusiast and will be graduating college in May, he will need a place for his collection in his new apartment. This will be a great graduation gift! Someone like him, will need a nice wine fridge that can hold between 40 and 50 bottles and it will look great in his new apartment.  Something temperature controlled so the wine will be stored properly.  A unit that can travel with him through any moves he will be making in the future.

In searching a fridge that would fit this criteria I found a NewAir AWR-520SB 52 bottle wine cooler.  A few items stood out with this cooler that I liked.

  • Sleek design.  There are others out there that aren’t flush and they look clunky.
  • The slide out shelves that are two bottle in depth. Like this feature as it makes the cooler look classy.
  • Temperature controlled
  • Front facing ventilation grille, this is great as you can have the unit against the wall and don’t have to leave a space for things to drop behind because of ventilation.
One of the drawbacks I found is that it is single zoned cooling.  Reds and whites should be kept at different temperatures.  There are others out there that are the same size and duel zoned.When my son decides to settle down and build a house, this wine cooler can be built right into his new kitchen. (Yes, I have high hopes for him!)The price tag for this wine cooler is $849.99.  A little on the expensive side and there are others out there that cost less, but at the same time there are others out there that are more expensive.  You really have to think about what you want out of your wine cooler.

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Now to begin stocking up on his favorites because he has become quite the wine enthusiast.