Well, getting ready for football season a few weeks back (ok months) we broke out the football wine glasses and poured a glass of 2011 Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery’s Rose.  
My first reaction was to the color.  Beautiful garnet in color when first poured in the glass had hints of blueberry which faded as the wine warmed and opened. A very fresh and clean nose aromas of strawberry and cranberry filled the glass. It was lacking minerality.
Fresh and clean and soft on the palate with lots of red berry fruit.  It does begin to get a little grapey as the wine loses it’s chill from the fridge.  That would be from the Cayuga grape that is in the blend.
The blend, not exactly something I would expect – 70% Cayuga and 30% DeChanauc.
All being said, the wine was a very easy drinking Rose.