It’s Wine Blogging Wednesday!  Wine Blogging Wednesday was founded by Lenn Thompson of LENNDEVOURS, and it’s purpose is to create a focal point once a month for wine blog writing.

This month my friend Rob Bralow is in charge of this topic. He presented us with the challenge to find a wine we have enjoyed in the past and not written about, or a wine you have been meaning to try.  Well Rob, I am up for the challenge and have chosen 2002 Dark Star Cellars Paso Robles Merlot.

A few years ago Paul and I spent 10 days in Central California. (We almost didn’t come back.)One of the wineries we stopped at was Dark Star Cellars in Paso Robles.   They are a small winery that we just happen to stumble upon.  We really enjoyed their wine and brought some home with us.  I’ve alway gone into the cellar and Paul always told me NO when it came to their Merlot.  For this blog, he answered YES.

Boy was this Merlot amazing!  It was definitely at it’s peak.  Dark fruit on the bouquet. Very little tannins.  Very nice complexity on the mid palate.  Very strong taste of licorice and anise with dark berry.  Gorgeous!

How long did I enjoy this wine!  I savored every sexy sip for at least a 35 seconds.  It is one of those wines that just come alive and dance in your mouth.  Puts a smile on your face and makes you and who you are sharing it with happy.