I am retiring my wine tasting notebook, I think.  I like writing everything down and having something to look but sometimes, depending where I am my tasting notebook isn’t available.

I searched for a wine app that I can have on my phone and tablet, knowing I will have at least one of them with me.  I found “Wine Notes”

With this app, I can rate the wine, and put just about all the information about the wine including pictures in the app.  It will even allow me to export to blogger which is the platform I use for this blog.  However, I would suggest using that feature as you will still have to go into your blogging platform and personalize the post.

With the above being said, I can email the notes to myself and even share them on various social sites if I wanted to.

Not only do I have a list of the wines I’ve tasted at my finger tips, I’ll know what to look for when I go to the liquor store.  Society today, we don’t leave home without our phones.  That would be a naked feeling.

What wine apps do you use?  Does anyone have a good wine cellar app.  That’s the next app I’m looking for.