On Friday evening I attended a New York microbrewery beer tasting event at the Dinsmore Golf Course. People were teasing me..”what’s the winegoddess doing at a beer event.” You have to taste the beer too. I found myself tasting the different brews the same way you taste wine.

We would smell it. Did it smell hoppy, taste it..was it bitter, did it leave an after taste. Did it have any flavors. There was a blueberry beer there. I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it. I did taste a beer that was quite interesting…it had hints of banana, and cloves. It would be a good holiday beer.

One thing this event lacked was a program. I did taste a number of brews, but there was no program to take tasting notes. Hence, I can only tell you from memory that Keegan Ales from Kingston was there and there beer was very good! Brooklyn Lager excellent…they ran out of beer before we left, the micro brewery from Cooperstown and a few from Long Island were present.

Like after a day of wine tasting, you want a cold beer, after an evening of beer tasting we went home and a glass of wine.