After a long hike on Sunday up Storm King Mountain, we stopped at Vino 100 wine tasting that was being held at the River Grill on the Newburgh Waterfront. Friends of ours have been bugging us to attend one of these events. She said there are many different wines to try from many distributers and the food was plentiful. The cost was $30 per person and ran from 4p – 7p

Keep in mind Sunday was also the beginning of Hudson Valley Restaurant week where you can get a 3 course dinner for $28.09.

We arrived we were greeted nicely at the door by the owner of Vino 100. He explained to us if we liked the wines being poured, you can go across the street to Vino 100 and purchase them at a discount. There were 5 tables set up with various distributors pouring. Each table had between 4 and 6 bottles from various regions of the world.

The wines being poured were fine for the average consumer. Most of the bottle prices averaged between $13 and $15 before the evening discount. Between $7.50 and $13 with the discount. I did like the Touraine Sauvignon Blanc and Paul liked the Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc. Those were the two wines that stood out for the evening. I think I was expecting a little more WOW.

The food was disappointing, however the Truffle Mac and Cheese was the highlight of the evening. There were no appetizers being passes as I was told there were in previous Vino 100 tastings. I wasn’t expecting dinner, but for $30 per person, I was expecting a little more than truffle mac and cheese, another pasta dish, veggie fried rice and sliced pork tenderloin as a sampling.