Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a winery and vineyard? The obvious is that a winery is where you make wine and a vineyard is where you grow grapes.

Not every winery has a vineyard and not every vineyard makes wine. When you visit a winery that is stand alone and doesn’t have a vineyard, they will purchase grapes from local vineyards and make wine at their winery. The winery will have all the equipment from the press to the tanks and barrels.

A vineyard is where the grapes are grown. A vineyard owner doesn’t always make wine. They may farm the grapes and sell them to local wineries so they can produce wine.

If you purchase a bottle of wine and it says “Estate Grown” you know the winery grew the grapes at their vineyard.

Another interesting fact is that a wine producer may own more than one vineyard and the winery may be located in a different location than the vineyard they own. You will find that case in California. As you are tasting wine, they will say this is from our XYZ Vineyard located in ABC.