Oak Summit Vineyard is located in Millbrook NY just of Route 82, owned by John and Nancy Bruno.  John sent me a note and told me he was harvesting his Chardonnay on Saturday and invited me for lunch.  When John invites you to lunch you don’t say no.

John grows Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc.  He keeps the Pinot Noir for himself and I must say he makes one of the finest Hudson Valley Pinot Noirs around  He has a total of 6 acres devoted to vines – 1.5 Pinot Noir, 3 Chardonnay and 1.5 Cabernet Franc.

The Pinot Noir was picked on September 15.  It came in with brix of 24, pH of 3.2 and TA of 8g/L.  It’s going to make a wonderful wine.  The Chardonnay harvested on Saturday came in at 23.5 Brix, 3.25pH and TA of 8g/L.   The Cabernet Franc is still hanging on the vine.

So what does John do with the Cab Franc and Chard.  Well…the Chardonnay was sold to Millbrook Vineyards.  You will find these grapes in the Proprietor’s Special Reserve Chardonnay.  The Cabernet Franc was purchased this year by Tousey Winery in Germantown NY. Tousey is a fairly new winery in the Hudson Valley.  Their tasting room should be opening sometime this fall from what I am told.

John told me this year’s harvest was remarkable because it was so early.  He said it was perfect, text-book weather that contributed to high sugars and great acid balance at an earlier date than anyone can remember.

Here are pictures of the vineyards, property, harvest, lunch and road leading up to the vineyard.  If you know  John, you will be laughing at the road signs on the climb. Just remember to duck… Enjoy…