I can’t believe my first born is now 21 years old.  It seems like yesterday I gave birth to him.  Time goes by way to fast! I still feel 21 myself.

I am so proud of him!  I’m not saying that because he’s my son.  He already has a job offer for when he graduates from La Salle University next year AND he has become a huge wine enthusiast.  Would I think otherwise, well yes.  During his high school days he was against drinking.  Even through freshman year in college to my knowledge he didn’t drink.

Imagine my surprise last year, Memorial Day weekend when he had a sip of my wine and told me “Mom, that is really good wine!” When I asked him how he knew what a good wine was, his answer was “the wine at school taste like shit.” It was at this point I realized he was listening to my comments as Paul and I drank and critiqued wine and comments when he worked events at Whitecliff.

Most kids when they come home from school they ask to bring food back.  Not my son.  He asked for wine.  Since he is spending the month of July in Spain as an exchange, I sent him back with a variety of wines from Spain along with a few good ones from the Hudson Valley.

Shortly afterwards he posted a picture on Facebook of a glass of Millbrook 2010 Cabernet Franc and said it was great glass of wine.  In addition it went very well with the meatball sub he was eating. He even gets the food and wine pairing thing.
(remember he’s in college) Then he called me after he drank the Albarino and said he really liked it.  I done good! I should say Paul and I done good!

Michael, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy exploring the wines of the world.