Well yesterday was a long day. It all started Friday night with last minute changes to entries. Colleen and I were up until 2am making sure everything was correct. With 4 hours of sleep and a stop at the A&P for brown lunch bags (it’s a blind tasting) we headed to Rhinebeck for the competition.

While the results aren’t official yet…there were some nice results for newcomers at Hudson-Chatham Winery, Baskhill and Palaia. Congratulations to them. I will keep you in suspense until the results become final.

Here is a video I put together from the competition.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Everyone is invited to attended the Hudson Valley Wine & Culinary Food Pairing May 30th at the Culinary Institute of America’s, St Andrew’s Cafe. You will be able to mingle with the winemakers and winery owners and their wines are paired with dinner prepared by the Culinary chefs. For more information click here.