September is a great month. I usually spend most of it in the Hudson Valley. I begin with the Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition at the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival followed by a seminar or two at the festival. Then there is harvest and apple picking. By the end of September, my sister can’t wait to get rid of me. Boy is this year different.

The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival went virtual and so did I. While I missed being at the festival and the people I get to see, this was second best. Just being able to share my knowledge with you and being a part of the festival made my day. I did have fun making the video, however, I missed my tech guy Todd. Todd and I have a lot of fun during the set up on Friday. He’s usually putting together the sound for the festival and I’m setting up for the wine competition. Todd hooks me up for the audio for the seminars. This year it was just me as the audiovisual tech person. I apologize for any feedback you may get when you watch the presentation.

My first presentation is pairing wine with take-out. I thought this was a good topic due to the situation we are all in. Restaurants may or may not have indoor dining and you might not feel comfortable with indoor dining.

I begin with some tips on pairing wine with different take-out foods and then I sit down with Executive Chef Gus Zimmerman and talk take-out. He will give you tips on what to order for take-out, what to stay away from and why. It’s not that the dish isn’t good or exceptional, it is about how the dish will travel.

If you have any questions for me or the Chef, feel free to email me at

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