The Bounty of the Hudson this weekend was a huge success. We had great weather on Saturday. Even the rain on Sunday didn’t keep people away. I guess when it’s been raining for two months, you get use to it. I must say, the staff at Millbrook Winery outdid themselves. They did a fantastic job organizing this event! A big THANK YOU from me, for all they did, from the organization, fantastic staff, to the emergency evacuation plan should we have had a strong weather cell roll through.(that didn’t happen, but we were prepared). Thank you Stacy,David,Scott and Barbara!

There was some great wine being poured at the Bounty. Oak Summit had their 2006 and 2007 Pinot Noir. Palaia had their 2008 Traminette, Whitecliff had their Gamay Noir, Adair has their 2008 oak aged Vidal, just to name a few.

There was some great food too. Two bakeries were there with a selection of goodies, ranging from eclairs and black and whites, to large chocolate chip cookies. We can’t forget the farm vendors who had wonderful selection of local produce. Fresh from the farm you could purchase corn, squash, peaches and more.

Oh..and the BACON – Mountain Products Smokehouse has a great selection. I brought home the bacon – Maple Cinnamon and Chipotle Southwestern to be exact.

I suppose no wine festival at a vineyard is without some sort of temptation. Especially if you are from the city and have the chance to escape to the “country.” After everything was cleaned up on Saturday, I was sitting in front of the tasting room with the staff at Millbrook enjoying a glass of Castle Hill Chardonnay and a women appeared from the vineyard. Then her partner strutted his stuff coming out of the vines. I happen to have my video camera on me and got the entire scene on tape. You never know what happens in the vineyard. If you see a “Sex in the Vineyard” label on one of their 2009 vintages, you will know what block it was from.