As we know 2011 was a tough growing season here in the Hudson Valley.  Everything was looking great until Irene hit the region then Lee.  Back to back storms. Lots of rain and scrambling on what to do with the harvesting of the grapes.

This Merlot was the first red wine of the 2011 season I have tasted and I was a bit disappointed, but then had to remember the challenges of the growing season and know they did the best they could with the hand they were dealt.

Aromas of earth, wood spice, cedar and licorice filled the glass.  It did take a while for the wine to open up. Looking back I should have decanted it.

This was a very young wine and due to the growing season it was thin in structure and color. Flavors of blackberry and blueberry on the palate with a hint of dried herbs.

The wine retails for $18.99 in the tasting room.