My college roommate visited me this summer from Florida with her kids.  Normally we would sit and chat and the kids would play quietly.  Yes, that was the case the last time I saw her some 10 years ago.  However, this year three of the kids were 21+ and they wanted to share in the wine.


What better wine to share Mazzoni Pinot Grigio (SRP $19) and Vermentino Chardonnay (SRP $19) blend with them and introduce them to something new. After all, behind Mazzoni wines are two of the world’s greatest winemaking families.  The Francheschi family from Tuscany and the Terlato family from Napa.  It’s blending Italy’s old world approach to innovative winemaking from California’s Napa Valley.  Why not bond two families together, old college roommates with their young offspring.

 We started off the visit with the the 2014 Pinot Grigio which the kids really enjoyed (and so did we).  Aromas of peach and floral notes filled the glass. Once on your palate it was just what a hot August day needed.  Fresh, smooth and nice acidity with some mineral notes and citrus zest.  When the wine finished off, it left you with notes of lime on your palate.

When I went in to get a second glass of wine, I saw they had finished the Pinot Grigio and we were onto the 2014 Vermentino Chardonnay blend.  This blend was a 75%/25% and you could really taste the flavors of the Vermentino and the Chardonnay softened the minerality and added balance to the mix.  There was nice notes of pear and apples and it finished with a hint of sharp spice.

 I paired this with State Fair Spiedies.  It’s a recipe from the New York State Fair that made Spiedies pretty famous in New York.  Maureen is from Saratoga, me from Poughkeepsie and we met in Buffalo, so we about have the state covered.

The winning wine for the evening…well it was pretty split.  Half liked the Pinot Grigio the other the Vermentino/Chardonnay blend.  A great evening with great friends and great wine!

**Disclaimer: wines were sent to me as a media sample