After being gone for nearly two weeks my Tocai grapes are getting pretty sweet! I went to visit them on Wednesday having just been back from the Wine Bloggers Conference and found fencing around them.  You what that means…?  It means they are beginning to ripen to where the birds, deer and turkeys think you grew them for their consumption.  NOT!  Vineyards begin to protect their grapes by fencing and netting until it’s time to harvest.

Being that I was actually at Millbrook Vineyards for a Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce “After Hours” event, I was in a dress and heels but my commitment to follow my vines got the better of me.  I changed into a pair of sneakers (yes I was very fashionable with a nice black dress on and running sneakers) and asked Chrystal (aka Babysitter) to hike up the hill with me. (10 points for Chrystal who had on high heels) We picked the perfect time because everyone was under the tent to listen to Charlie the head of the Chamber speak and nobody could watch me up on the hill. Charlie had their undivided attention.

Once up the hill I had to figure out how I was going to get under the fencing and in a dress.  Chrystal pulled up a part of the fence and I crawled under (real lady like) so I can snap pictures of my grapes and crawled out.  They are looking pretty good.  Just a matter of time and the cooperation of the weather before they are harvested.

We got back down the hill just as the talks were ending.  Sat at one of the picnic tables as if we were there the entire time.  Only Ken from Freedom Financial caught onto where I had gone…I guess it was the sneakers.