Sometimes I can get overwhelmed with wine knowledge that I draw a blank. When I received a press release about Autumn Reds from Masi I thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t place the relationship, a blank. I received a bottle for review from the PR firm and began to do research for this post it hit me. Masi was one of the Amarone Families that was at the tasting I attended last year in New York City. Not only that, but Sandro Boscaini is head of the Amarone Families. The reason why I remember this is so clearly is because Mr. Boscaini looks like my father-in-law!  Yes and I even told him so when speaking to him at the session. ( Maybe he is related to my husband)

A little background on Masi and the Boscaini family.  The term Masi which the wine is named is derived from “Vaio dei Masi” which is the small valley in Valpolicella that the Boscaini family acquired at the end of the XVIII century.  Today it is still in the Boscaini family and is run by all family members.

The PR firm sent me a bottle of Campofiorin Rosso Del Veronese IGT for review.  This particular wine is their original “Supervenetian” which was inspired by the technique of making Amarone. The wine is 100% Corvina grapes that are grown on in the Verona Hills Campofiorin composed of deep alluvial soil on Eocene era limestone.

If you live in the Hudson Valley or in a driving range Wednesday, February 26, 2014 the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY will be hosting a dinner “Six Generations of Venetian Wine” as a part of their Winter Dining Series.  This dinner is all about the Boscaini family and Masi wines.  I am sure you are going to be tasting some incredible wines!  I had the opportunity to taste their 1990 Mazzano Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOC at the Amarone Families tasting.  With a retail price of $300 a bottle, I doubt you will be tasting that vintage, but I assure you the wine will be good.  For more information on the Winter Dining Series and this dinner featuring Boscaini Family and Masi wines go to