Hudson Valley Restaurant Week begins today and I can’t believe it has 10 years since the initial launch. Personally, I’ve been with Hudson Valley Restaurant week since they launched.

Me and my sister Donna

A little over 10 years ago I had lunch with Janet Crawshaw and you know right then when you click professionally.  Well we did. At the time she was also in the need for a bookkeeper.  My sister happen to have been laid off from her job and was looking for something part-time.  I hooked them up and 10 years later, Donna is still with The Valley Table. So I guess I am kind of family.

In 10 years Hudson Valley Restaurant Week has grown.  Ten years ago there were 70 restaurants and 12 of them were using farm to table local products.  Today there are over 200 restaurants participating from Westchester County to Ulster County, that’s over 90 miles of restaurants and 90% of them use and showcase local products.  Truly a farm to table experience.

A time where restaurants want to showcase their talents and create specials just for the two week event.  Like Chef Krista Espinal of the Birdsall House.  She has created a “Duck Hot Dog” for restaurant week.  She is looking forward to hearing what customers think of it.

Last Monday at Peter Kelly’s X20 Restaurant in Yonkers the Valley Table celebrated 10 years of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week and I was luck to have attended.  Here are some short videos of the launch and celebration

I spoke one on one with Janet Crawshaw on the past 10 years.

Nine years ago at the 2nd Restaurant Week launch I had my picture taken with to hot chefs, Vince Barcelona and Eric Gabrynowicz.  I wish I had that picture today.  I’m still searching!  Nine years later I talk to Vince to see what he’s been up to.  By the way, were were going to do the picture again, but time went by to fast and before I knew it the event was over. Perhaps next year, on our 10 year picture anniversary.

Do you like coffee?  I sure do and I spoke with Theresa from Irving Farm Coffee Roaster and learned about the coffee roasting business and what Restaurant Week means to them, (I loved the coffee!)

No celebration is complete until you hear from the creator.  Listen to Janet Crawshaw as she talks about 10 years of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.