That is the exact question I asked myself when I received an email from Dancing Coyote Wines about their trying wine that comes in a can. The snob side in me said “oh my goodness” but the fun adventure side of me said “give it a go, it’s will be perfect for the boat and beach.”  I listened to the fun adventure side of me ( that’s more fun to be around).


This past weekend cold cans of wine in the cooler, my sister and I headed for the beach. It wasn’t quite noon (but it was somewhere in the world) we cracked open our first can.  I was impressed.

The wine was light and crisp.  Had nice floral aromas.  It was a more fruit forward wine and I detected some sweetness to it. The wine was rounded out with some minerality, hints of lime, green apple and soft acidity.

Dancing Coyote Wines uses a white wine blend with varietals that are usually grown in Italy and Portugal that they have planted in California. The blend is 48% Cortese, 22% Falanghina, 7%  Pinot Grigio and 22% Loureiro.  The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks lightly on the lees.  The residual sugar is .89 g/l so that is probably why I detected a bit of sweetness right away. (They say the palate will detect sweetness at .5g/l)

Would I bring this wine to the beach or out on our boat.  Absolutely!  It’s the perfect wine for that as well as hiking and any other outdoor activities.

I am not sure where the wine is available, however you can purchase it on their website for $15.99 a box and the box comes with 4 cans.  See you on the beach!